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News Anew Ltd is a television production company based in London producing a wide range of documentary and news material for both broadcast and non-broadcast outlets. We specialise in current affairs, human rights and Third World development issues. As a television production company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to both new and established filmmakers, and on our integration of independent journalists into the filmmaking industry. Our relationship with the mainstream and alternative media industry puts us in a unique position. News Anew welcomes all documentary ideas both from professionals and those who merely have a good idea to pitch. To meet such aims News Anew Ltd provides various services such as short media training courses, archive footage,television studios and SNG (Satellite News Gathering) van for your own television productions.

News Anew aims to inspire, explore and educate. Dedicated exclusively to airing documentaries, our production team aspires to illuminate the unexplored world and bring authentic stories with artistic vision.

Watch News Anew's documentary clips or go to the gallery to catch an insight into our production. View a whole range of current affairs clips in the archive section where you can simply purchase the footage.

We can provide you with a whole range of services including assisting you to cover news and commercial events with the use of an SNG Van across Europe. If you have an idea for a documentary, why not pitch it to us here and we may commission you for the production of your film.

News Anew also offers work experience placements for media enthusiasts to gain experience before starting a career. There are placements available in just about every area of film development and production. So whatever your interest, the chances are that we can offer you practical experience in our professional work environment.